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28 December 2020



Saving the oceans

5 things we can all do

Saving the oceans

5 things we can all do

Vegetable dyes: the blue of Cockaigne, the land of plenty

The history of cosmetics goes hand in hand with the history of humanity.

De-cluttering: what is it, and why is it good for us?

How many of the clothes in your wardrobe do you really use?

Madel and Hitachi: a collaboration that protects the environment

We have only one planet, but to satisfy the consumption of the world’s population in 2050 we will need three. This information from the United Nations is enough to understand that continuing in the same way along the current trajectory of production, use and disposal is no longer sustainable.

Winni’s eco-packaging: packaging that protects the environment

Plastic: light, resistant, cheap, easy to shape, durable. It should be considered a precious material, to be used with the utmost frugality, respecting the environment.

Cleaning the bathroom more efficiently and ecologically

A well-cleaned bathroom is safer and more comfortable.

Seabin: for a sea clear of plastic waste.

Our seas are dying. Every year, the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans increases: at this rate, there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish by 2050.

Technical and sports fabrics: a handbook for the perfect eco-friendly laundry

Sports and technical fabrics: how to get the best washing and environmental performance out of our new product, Winni’s Sport.

Winni’s and Basket Ravenna, a union that goes beyond sport

Winni’s and Basket Ravenna: a wonderful new collaboration in the spirit of sport, environmental sustainability and support for the local area.

Ever more eco-friendly detergents: the first completely recyclable single-material plastic packaging is Italian

Saves up to 84% of the plastic compared to a bottle of the same size . Winni’s, the market-leading eco-friendly line from Madel S.p.A., is the first to create a new pouch entirely made from polypropylene

Winni’s eco-packaging: among the winners of the CONAI 2020 competition

Winni’s eco-packaging gains an excellent position in the CONAI 2020 ranking for eco-design. Not only packaging, but also production processes.

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