Ever more eco-friendly detergents: the first completely recyclable single-material plastic packaging is Italian

Saves up to 84% of the plastic compared to a bottle of the same size . Winni’s, the market-leading eco-friendly line from Madel S.p.A., is the first to create a new pouch entirely made from polypropylene

 Packaging made from completely recyclable single-material plastic  that saves up to 84% of the plastic  compared to a bottle of the same size. This is the new  Eco-format Pouch from Winni’s, the market-leading eco-friendly line from Madel S.p.A., which has made another step forward for the environment.

The  new packaging  is already available on the market for one litre formats, but by the end of 2020 it will also be introduced for our 1.5l and 500ml formats. The  Winni’s Research and Development  department is the first to create a new pouch entirely made from Polypropylene (PP) that is able to guarantee the same quality standards and strength as the previous version. Both the bag and the cap, which is thermo-sealed, are made from the same material, making the entire packaging completely recyclable as plastic.
This packaging also uses less plastic compared to bottles of the same size. Before today, eco-format packaging in the detergent sector was made from  3 materials, among which was nylon, used for its strength.

However, this material causes difficulties in the plastic recycling phase, slowing it down. “For Madel S.p.A., ecology is a global project, which starts with the company and finishes with the product,” explains Mattia Testa, the company’s Technical Director, “and the use of packaging that is so easy to recycle as plastic is another step in this direction. As a leading brand in our category, we are the first to have launched this packaging for our liquid detergents, and this is only one of the innovations in eco-friendly packaging that we are working on.” Madel Spa

Throughout its productive processes, the company shows full commitment to protecting the environment, with activities ranging from selective waste disposal, to the re-use of production residues, both plastics and liquids, to the recycling of hot water coming from the industrial process to heat the production area.

The production site produces all of its own electricity, thanks to a  2.6 MW  photovoltaic system spread over a total area of  58 thousand square metres , and a state-of-the-art co-generator with a contribution of 0.65 MW.

Even our lighting is sustainable, thanks to the replacement of all our neon lights with LED bulbs, with an energy saving of 40%. The company’s commitment doesn’t stop with the new single-material plastic eco-format – through the continued work of the  Research and Development department, we pursue our objective of making the packaging of our entire range of products ever more eco-friendly.







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