Why choose Winni’s?

The Winni’s brand was born and is based on three sustainability principles that guide all external and internal corporate decisions. The purpose is to create and offer products that are affordable for all, safe, efficient and that will not ruin the environment or affect living creatures.

Environmental Sustainability

For us, environmental sustainability means giving back everything we take from nature. It is not just replacing chemical raw materials with natural ones, but also using production processes that reduce emissions and are less and less dependent on depletable sources. All our final products and their ingredients have been created and developed to be as eco-friendly as possible, from the containers to their contents.

Social Sustainability

Our social sustainability principle means leaving our consumers with good memories, but leaving no trace on their health, on animals or in the environment. For us, transparency is a value, so our communication with our consumers is also transparent, clear and direct. This is social responsibility for us.

Economic Sustainability

We believe that to attain great results we need as many people as possible playing their part, and that is why we do our best to offer our products with the best possible value for money.

We aim to match the quality of the best traditional products, so every day we compare and contrast our products with these by conducting performance tests at our laboratories. But unlike these other products, we choose to fully respect nature, while weighing as little as possible on our consumers’ pockets.
So you can find products in the supermarket that are top-quality and highly efficient, at affordable prices, but that are also natural and plant-based.

This is the equation we like:





environmental impact

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