Technical and sports fabrics: a handbook for the perfect eco-friendly laundry

Sports and technical fabrics: how to get the best washing and environmental performance out of our new product, Winni’s Sport.

When we practise sport, or any physical activity, we always give it our all, and we want to wash our sports clothes with success, too. So here is some advice to follow for perfect laundry, respecting the fabric of your clothes and the environment.

Sports clothes: specific technical characteristics

Sports clothes are made to guarantee optimal performance during physical activity, and for this purpose they have some specific technical characteristics.

We want a technical fabric to provide the right amount of muscle compression, without being restrictive, in order to limit the production of lactic acid.  It must be breathable to avoid accumulating humidity, which, as well as feeling unpleasant on the skin, encourages the development of skin irritations. It must also be resistant, with excellent wearability, so it never gets in the way, and move in synergy with the movements of our body. Finally, it must guarantee thermal stability and offer protection from UV rays.

All of these characteristics make washing sports clothes a challenge… that we will help you to overcome!

Advice for washing sports clothes

How can we best maintain the functionality of technical fabrics? Here is some advice that will help your clothes last longer, while respecting the environment.

  • Always read the care label and follow the instructions given: every garment could have different washing requirements. Some can only be washed by hand, others can also go in the washing machine. In this case, it is best to always check the recommended washing temperatures.
  • When washing frequently, it is important to air out your clothes when you finish your exercise, and not leave them sitting in the laundry basket, or – even worse! – in your kit bag: the sooner you wash them, the better!
  • Don’t just throw everything in the washing machine as it is: if there is any superficial dirt, it should be removed before washing.
  • It may be tempting, but it is always better to avoid excessively high temperatures, which risk compromising the elasticity of technical fibres. Both by hand and in the washing machine, it is best to wash at 30°C.
  • Finally, when it comes to detergent, use a product that is both effective and gentle at the same time.

Winni’s sport eco, for technical and sports fabrics

And it is when it comes to products that Winni’s comes into play! We have created a specific product for washing sports clothes, which is currently being launched. Winni’s Sport was created with the technical characteristics of sports fabrics in mind, to guarantee long-lasting freshness with every wash that lasts throughout your sports activities, while fully respecting the form and fibres of your clothes.

Winni’s Sport contains specific active plant-based ingredients that make its formula ideal for the care and washing of all synthetic and technical fabrics, while respecting the environment. Its formula, rich in plant-based enzymes, is effective on grass and mud stains, and preserves the elasticity of  fibres and fabrics. Just like all Winni’s products, it is also hypoallergenic and has been tested for levels of nickel, chromium and cobalt below the minimum thresholds, in order to be as gentle as possible and respect your skin.

The best washing performance, with the lowest impact on the environment: Winni’s Sport, as well as being biodegradable, is also  available in our eco-format pouch, made from completely recyclable single-material plastic, which saves up to 84% of the plastic compared to a bottle of the same size. The new packaging, made entirely from Polypropylene (PP), guarantees the same quality standards and strength as the previous version. Both the bag and the cap, which is thermo-sealed, are made from the same material, making the entire packaging completely recyclable as plastic. Sport is truly important to us at Winni’s, and this is confirmed by our latest initiative… on the court!

Read about it here.







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