Cleaning the bathroom more efficiently and ecologically

A well-cleaned bathroom is safer and more comfortable.

Despite this fact, many of us tend to put off cleaning the bathroom, for lack of time or lack of inspiration, eventually finding ourselves having to clean in a furious hurry before the arrival of guests. In this article, you will find some advice for making your cleaning more efficient and less hard work, thanks to a few tricks and some products that respect the environment.

Why it is important to clean the bathroom

The bathroom is the wettest room in the house, and it is therefore the ideal environment for bacteria and mould. This is why cleaning your bathroom regularly helps to avoid the proliferation of micro-organisms that could be bad for your health, and which can come into contact with your skin more easily in this room than in the rest of the house. Adequate hygiene also helps with maintenance, keeping bathroom fixtures, floors and taps in the best condition. Frequent cleaning, along with other good practices, even makes it possible to avoid the build-up of scale that can be so difficult to remove. Let’s see how to do it.

Six tricks for cleaning the bathroom with less effort

  • No more long gaps between cleaning sessions: deep cleaning the entire bathroom once in a while only appears to be the solution requiring the least effort. In fact, the more time passes without cleaning, the more the dirt accumulates, making the job long and difficult. Instead, it is better to plan frequent cleaning sessions, in order to finish more quickly, putting in less work. And what’s more, you will always have the bathroom in a good state!
  • Divide and conquer: if, however, you really don’t have the time to clean the entire bathroom, and this leads to doing it only when (or if!) you have a free day, the most effective solution is always to divide the bathroom into parts, and dedicate separate, brief cleaning sessions to these parts. For example, one day could be dedicated to the bath tub, one to the taps, another to the floor, and so on.
  • Remember them: there are certain parts of the bathroom that we all – more or less deliberately – tend to ignore. For example, the shower drain, the back of the toilet, or the most difficult-to-reach parts of the floor. It is right in these areas that dust and dirt will accumulate, even more than elsewhere: clean them  first so you can be sure not to overlook them, and then you can take your mind off it!
  • Colors and materials: it is important to use a different sponge for each fixture, so you don’t transport germs from one place to another. To avoid mixing them up, you can buy sponges in different colours, or keep them, after washing, in separate drawers or cupboards. If you want to make the most eco-friendly choice, try natural sponges, ecological microfibre cloths, animal-hair brushes, or make cleaning rags out of cast-off clothing.
  • Defend yourself against scale: after washing surfaces, remember to dry them immediately in order to avoid scale deposits.
  • Clean to a rhythm: cleaning the bathroom is in many ways a boring activity. Try listening to music, a podcast or an audiobook while you do your chores, and remember that deep cleaning is also very good exercise!

The ingredients in Winni’s bathroom cleaner

The final trick for cleaning more safely and ecologically is to use Winni’s bathroom cleaner. This product is Vegan OK (ingredients) and SkinEco (skin-compatibility) certified, and  is made from 90% biodegradable raw materials. The surfactants are plant-based, and its fragrance is delicate and pleasant. What’s more, with Winni’s bathroom cleaner you will use less water (and put in less work), because it isn’t necessary to rinse it off.







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