Environmental Sustainability

To leave a healthy planet for future generations.

For us, environmental sustainability means giving back to nature what we take away from it. It is not just a question of replacing raw materials of chemical origin with those of natural and vegetable origin, but also of starting production processes that reduce emissions and that depend less and less on exhaustible sources. All finished products and individual components are designed and developed to be as compatible with the environment as possible, from the bottle to the content.


Sustainability also means offering more washes for the same amount of plastic used for packaging. This is why we try to offer a high level of concentration in our products. When using our products it is important to pay attention to the indication of the label on the back in order not to overdose and waste product unnecessarily. All the packaging of our products are made of recyclable plastic and also contain post-consumer recycled plastics. In the field of detergents we are the first in Italy to use “eco-refills” formats, saving over 80% of plastic. In addition to having a lower environmental impact, these formats also have the advantage of offering consumers savings for the same performance. With the aim of researching ever more eco-friendly packaging, we were the first in Italy to market single-material plastic bags (polypropylene). Both the bag and the cap are of the same material, so as to make the entire package 100% recyclable in plastic.

Production processes

The product that can be found in supermarkets is only the final result of a production process that starts from further away, more precisely from our company located in Cotignola, in the province of Ravenna. Winni has a level of evolution and sustainability that is far envied by the largest multinationals in the sector, despite the integrity, transparency and passion typical of Italian family businesses.

Among the various initiatives taken by Winni’s to lower the environmental impact at every stage of production is the use of green energy. Thanks to the use of a very large 2.6MW photovoltaic system that covers the roofs of the plant and parking lots and a latest generation cogenerator, the company has achieved complete energy independence and uses only self-produced renewable energy.

The company also produces bottles containing Winni’s products within the structure, taking advantage of the collaboration with a partner directly on site, so as to completely eliminate the transport of empty bottles and the respective relevant environmental impact.

The structure is equipped with a recovery system of hot air generated by production processes, which rather than being dispersed in the environment, is used to heat the production workshop and warehouses

Winni’s is therefore a global green policy, which also translates into having: replaced all neon lights with LEDs for a saving of 40%; replaced the gearmotors with inverters controlling the process motors, the consumption of electricity by 35%; having placed presence detectors and light sensors in all offices capable of automatically modulating the light to constantly maintain 300 lux; installed an air conditioning system managed by heat pumps with recuperators (U.T.A.) of part of the thermal energy already used to treat the air.

The company has equipped itself with a washing water treatment plant used in production and is planning a study to evaluate the recovery of these water, suitably purified, within its production cycle, in order to reduce production of waste.

Raw materials

Each product is composed of purified water, “active” components and perfume. The active ingredients are what make our products effective in cleaning. Our choice is to use only those of vegetable origin, such as coconut oil, sugar, chicory or wheat derivatives, using agricultural waste exclusively for non-food use. These resources are also renewable, so as not to exhaust what nature offers us and make them available for future generations. Furthermore, the surfactants used are completely and rapidly biodegradable *.

We add perfumes to our products to make the use experience more enjoyable and rewarding. We only choose those that have a reduced impact on the environment and on the skin and biodegradable at least 90%, so that once released into the environment they are decomposed by natural microorganisms, thus becoming harmless.

Even more important is respect for the health of those who choose us, so we make sure that the products are scented, but at the same time free







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