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Winni’s Rinse Aid is the perfect ally to have shiny and dry dishware; it does not leave residues thanks to its biodegradable, plant-derived raw materials. In the final washing step, dishwashers are programmed to run a hot rinse cycle so that water evaporates very quickly. But limescale deposits can appear in dishwashers caused by water residues. And here is where Winni’s rinse aid steps in! It forms a uniform sheet of water on the dishware surface that dries off without leaving limescale minerals behind.

Comes in 250-ml bottles.

The product has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chrome (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM), and it is Vegan Ok certified.

ComponentNaturalnessWhat it isWhat it does
AQUANo ref.Osmotic water microbiologically tested each time it is produced (not regular tap water!)Acting as a solvent, it gives active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use
ACETUMFogliaFogliaFogliaHelps prevent spots and streaks
BUTYL GLUCOSIDEFogliaFogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantThe cleaning force of the product; acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
CITRIC ACIDFogliaFogliaSequestrant and stabilizerRectifies the right product acidity so that it is stable throughout the product’s life; prevents limescale deposits
DECYL OCTYL POLYGLUCOSEFogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantThe cleaning force of the product; acts synergistically with the other active ingredients

Fill the specific drawer in the dishwasher following the manufacturer’s instructions. In very hard water areas, use this product in combination with Winni’s Dishwasher Salt that recharges the ion exchange resin used by the appliance.

Although vinegar is recommended by many to be used instead of a rinse aid, it is a very acid product that may damage not only the dishwasher but also the dishes, and the results obtained are not the same. The action of the rinse aid is crucial when “hard” water (water that has high mineral content) is used. To know the hardness of the water in your home, contact the public water supply company.

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