Lime Concentrated Dish Detergent (with dispenser)

Lime Concentrated Dish Detergent (with dispenser)

Doing the dishes may be a long and tiring task, but it is crucial to best prepare plates and cutlery for our family dinners and lunches. Why not make the job more simple and efficient by using Winni’s Liquid Dish Detergent? It will be even simpler with this practical and functional dispenser that helps avoid wasting any product.


The formula, which contains a high concentration of active cleaning agents (the part of the product for thoroughly removing grease and deep cleaning dishware) is up to twice as concentrated (in terms of number of doses per litre) compared to a regular liquid dish detergent. Its dense and abundant foam leaves plates, pots, cutlery and glasses sparkling clean. The plant-based surfactants respect the environment and your skin, but are still effective against grease and dirt. Once your kitchenware is sparkling clean with no remnants of food, the surfactants disperse into the water and biodegrade quickly and completely, leaving no trace in nature. The lime perfume used is also biodegradable, so it really leaves no trace in the environment.

For a smarter use of the product, to save money while protecting the environment, reuse your empty bottle - refill it with Winni’s 1000ml Liquid Dish Detergent Eco-Refill.

Winni’s liquid dish detergent is Vegan Ok certified and meets SkinEco requirements for its eco-dermo-compatibility. It is uniquely hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, and has been tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt (detectable threshold < 0.2 PPM).

Winni’s Lime Liquid Dish Detergent with dispenser is available in 610ml format, in our unmistakeable patented bottle with the Winni’s leaf. It is also available with the classic push-pull cap in 500ml and 750ml, and with an Aloe Vera fragrance.









Cosa fa


Osmotised water, microbiologically tested for all production (this isn't regular tap water!)

Acting as a solvent, it gives the active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use


Leaf Leaf

Plant-based surfactant

Completely removes grease from dishes and kitchenware, the true cleaning force of the product


Leaf Leaf Leaf

Emollient agent

Moisturises and softens skin.

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