Green Tea and Birch Shower Mousse Body Wash

Green Tea and Birch Shower Mousse Body Wash

Treat yourself with a fragrant embrace in every shower! Winni’s mousse is the new way to shower: a liquid cleanser produced with organic, natural raw ingredients that sprays as a soft mousse, without producing any pollutant gases thanks to its innovative dispenser. A UNIQUE product that wraps you in a delicate embrace. Buy the bottle only once, and then refill it with our Eco-refills.

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  • Easy and convenient to use, with no waste: use only as much as you need, and spray it only where you want it.
  • This mousse has a unique, delicate feel that wraps you in an embrace, leaving an intoxicating, long-lasting scent on your skin.
  • Like all Winni’s Naturel products, it is hypoallergenic and delicate on sensitive skin, respecting your skin without changing its hydro-lipid balance.
  • Like all Winni’s Naturel products, it is biodegradable and suitable for vegans (Vegan OK). Its format also helps to reduce waste, without producing pollutant gases.
  • Refill, don't throw away! When your bottle is empty, purchase an eco-refill to save 87% of the plastic.
  • Long-lasting Green Tea and Birch scent, for perfumed skin that lasts.








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