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A dishwasher comes with a built-in water softener that reduces water hardness and so prevents limescale and mineral salt deposits. A water softener needs to be constantly regenerated by adding pure salt. Winni’s pure marine salt is a specific product to regenerate the ion-exchange resins used by a dishwasher to fight mineral salt building-up on dishware.

Comes in 1-kg packs.

The product has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chrome (detectable threshold  < 0.01 PPM), and it is Vegan Ok certified.

Fill the specific drawer with Winni’s Ultra-pure Marine Salt following the manufacturer’s instructions. Before starting to wash, make sure that the drawer has been filled. Keep in a dry place.

Using ultra-pure salt is a crucial factor, particularly in hard water areas, to extend the life of our dishwasher and have shiny dishware. As a matter of fact, table salt contains little impurities may clog the softener unit in the dishwasher over time. To know the hardness of the water in your home, contact the public water supply company.

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