Baby Laundry Detergent for Washing Machine 2 in 1 Eco-format

Baby Laundry Detergent for Washing Machine 2 in 1 Eco-format

Winni’s Baby is the result of careful research and selection of the best plant-based raw materials. Its formula was developed with particular attention to its effects on the most sensitive skin, specially for children, and with the aim of making life easier for mothers everywhere by offering a single product with a 2 in 1 formula, containing a natural fabric softener,  with excellent performance on the most stubborn stains, and still respecting the environment.


This product is rich in high-quality raw materials and ENZYMES from fermentation, in order to combat the stains that appear on children's clothes. The formula is highly skin-compatible: it contains no preservatives, phosphorus or colourants, is nickel, cobalt and chromium tested (detectable threshold below 0.2 ppm), and tested for sensitive skin.

The 2 in 1 formula containing natural detergent and fabric softener guarantees both effective cleaning action and delicate conditioning.

The packaging we have chosen is the eco-format, which saves up to 60% of the plastic compared to a conventional bottle of similar size.
This product is Vegan OK certified and meets SkinEco requirements.

Winni’s is the first eco-format on the detergent market to have adopted a completely recyclable single-material plastic pouch that is able to guarantee the same quality standards and strength as the previous version. Both the bag and the cap, which is thermo-sealed, are made from the same material, making the entire packaging completely recyclable as plastic.








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