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Doing the dishes may be a long and tiring task but this is crucial to best prepare and present plates and cutlery in our dinners and lunches with the family. Why not turning this chore into something simple and efficient by using Winni’s washing-up liquid? The formula containing a high concentration of active cleaning agents (the part of the product in charge of thoroughly removing grease and cleaning dishware) is up to twice as concentrated (in number of doses per litre) compared to a regular liquid detergent. Its dense and abundant foam cleans plates, pots, cutlery and glasses leaving them shiny. The plant-based surfactants, that protect not only the environment but also your skin, are highly effective to remove grease. After cleaning any food residues off your dishware and leaving it shiny, surfactants are discharged into the aquatic environment and quickly and completely biodegrade and therefore do not leave any trace in nature. The lime perfume used is also biodegradable so no traces are actually left in the environment.

Winni’s 1000 ml Eco-Refill helps save up to 78% of plastic compared to a conventional bottle of similar size. Use the practical spout in the pouch to use the product directly or to fill a conventional 500-ml bottle; comes in two fragrances Lime or Aloe Vera.

Winni’s washing-up liquid is Vegan Ok certified and meets the SkinEco requirements due to its eco-dermo-compatibility. It is hypoallergenic and has been tested for nickel, chrome and cobalt.

ComponentNaturalnessWhat it isWhat it does
AQUANo ref.Osmotic water microbiologically tested each time it is produced (not regular tap water!)Acting as a solvent, it gives active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use
SODIUM LAURETH SULFATEFogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantCompletely removes grease from dishes and kitchenware. The true cleaning force of the product
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINEFogliaFogliaPlant-based surfactant from renewable glucoseCompletely removes grease from dishes and kitchenware; acts synergistically with Sodium Laureth Sulfate to improve product performance.
GLYCERINFogliaFogliaFogliaEmollient agentMoisturises and softens skin
SODIUM CITRATEFogliaFogliaSequestrantHelps improve product performance since it softens running water
C12-C14 ETHOXYLATED ALCOHOLFogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantActs synergistically with Sodium Laureth Sulfate to improve product performance.
CITRIC ACIDFogliaFogliaSequestrant and stabilizerRectifies the right product acidity so that it is stable throughout the product’s life
PARFUMFogliaPerfume with raw materials at least 90% biodegradableThanks to it, using the product is a pleasant experience for consumers, with low environmental impact
SODIUM CHLORIDEFogliaFogliaFogliaThickenerProduct becomes creamier and easier to use
FogliaPreservativesKeep product microbiologically stable throughout its entire life
COLORANTSFogliaColorant suitable for food industry uses tooFor a very nice appearance

Winni's washing-up liquid is highly concentrated. For optimal, waste-free use, dilute one teaspoon (2-3 ml) of product in 5 litres of water.  For very dirty dishware, increase the dose or use undiluted product with a sponge. Although this product is natural and skin-friendly, it is a concentrated detergent. Therefore, keep it out of the reach of children; store it on the uppermost shelves.

The most common causes of hand dermatitis are heavy metals, allergen-containing fragrances and aggressive preservatives. Winni’s washing-up liquid has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chrome (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM) and has passed the hypoallergenicity tests. Besides, it does not contain aggressive preservatives and so, it is safe even when in direct contact with the skin.

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It is the International Ecodermatology Association that rules the eco-dermo-compatibility of the products, assessing their environmental impact and skin interaction through specific skin toxicity tests.

Certifies that products from the certified companies are free from animal-derived substances or ingredients that directly imply killing, confining or exploiting animals.

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