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Everyone loves a sparkling clean kitchen. But we do not always have the time to go about rubbing and wiping constantly. Besides a lot of products you find at supermarkets can be aggressive, especially for state-of-the-art surfaces. Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner uses the power of nature- its plant-based surfactants remove dirt, grease, and stains from frying pans and baking tins, ovens, hoods, countertops and all the washable surfaces in the kitchen. It can be also used to thoroughly clean fixtures, roller blinds, and mechanical parts of bikes, motorbikes and cars, and even large tyre rims. Due to a formulation with low environmental impact, this cleaner performs just like any conventional grease remover. It can be also used to pre-treat collar, cuff and underarm stains caused by body oil and sweat in white fabrics (Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Natural Soap is specially recommended) or resistant dyed fabrics.

The plant-based surfactants of Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner successfully remove grease and dirt. After you clean the surfaces in your kitchen leaving them bright, surfactants are discharged into the aquatic environment and quickly and completely biodegrade and therefore do not leave any trace in nature.

The product has been tested for nickel, cobalt and chrome (detectable threshold < 0.01 PPM), it is Vegan Ok certified, and meets the SkinEco requirements.

Comes also with Natural Soap fragrance and in 500-ml and 750-ml bottles.

ComponentNaturalnessWhat it isWhat it does
AQUANo ref.Osmotic water microbiologically tested each time it is produced (not regular tap water!)Acting as a solvent, it gives active ingredients an appearance that makes them easy to use
TETRASODIUM GLUTAMATE DIACETATEFogliaFogliaSequestrantHelps improve product performance since it softens running water
C12-C18 LAURETH 7FogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantDeep cleans in synergy with the other active ingredients
ETIDRONIC ACID, SODIUM SALTFogliaSequestrantHelps improve product performance since it acts synergistically with the other active ingredients
COCO DIMETHYLAMINE OXIDEFogliaFogliaPlant-derived surfactantDeep cleans in synergy with the other active ingredients
PARFUMPerfume with raw materials at least 90% biodegradableThanks to it, using the product is a pleasant experience for consumers, with low environmental impact
COLORANTSColorant suitable for food industry uses tooFor a very nice appearance

Set the sprayer spout to ON. Spray a small amount of product on the surface to be cleaned from a distance of about 20 cm.

Kitchen counter tops and dishware: Spray onto the surfaces to be cleaned; leave to act for a few seconds and then wipe off with a damp cloth or a sponge. Always rinse.

Pre-treatment for stains on fabrics, collars, cuffs and underarm area: For oily stains, spray product directly on the stain. Leave to act for a few seconds, rub and then wash as you regularly do. To improve washing results and ensure a low environmental impact of your washing, use together with Winni’s laundry detergent.

Ovens: Leave to act on hot oven walls (50 °C – 60 °C) for 5-10 minutes. Rinse.

Mechanical parts (bikes, cars, motorbikes, etc): Spray onto the surfaces to be cleaned; leave to act for a few seconds, rub if needed with a sponge or brush. Then, rinse and wash as you regularly do.

Do not spray on polycarbonates, Plexiglass or transparent plastics in general, wood, aluminium or porous surfaces. Do not let to act for a long time; do not let the product dry while on the surface.

Conventional grease removers contain tetrapotassium pyrophosphate in charge of improving the removal power of the product, but it causes significant pollution due to the high content of phosphate derived. Only plant-based surfactants that attack grease and dirt by biodegrade in the environment are used in Winni’s Degreaser Multi-Purpose Power Cleaner.

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It is the International Ecodermatology Association that rules the eco-dermo-compatibility of the products, assessing their environmental impact and skin interaction through specific skin toxicity tests.

Certifies that products from the certified companies are free from animal-derived substances or ingredients that directly imply killing, confining or exploiting animals.

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