Dishwasher Deodorizer


The Winni’s Dishwasher Deodorizer, thanks to its fragrance with biodegradable raw materials, combats the bad smells that are formed in the dishwasher, leaving a fresh lemon scent for 70 washings!

Using the special hook, place the emanator in the top dish of the dishwasher, making sure that it does not contact the rotary blades. No need to remove the film. The product works both during washing cycles and when the dishwasher is off. Replace the emanator when the liquid inside is exhausted (after about 70 washings).

To prevent bad odor in the dishwasher, it is recommended to keep the dishwasher door open when this is not in use. This will dry any water stagnation. It is also important to check the salt level and to charge it on time. In fact, salt fights limestone, another responsible for bad smell.

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It is the International Ecodermatology Association that rules the eco-dermo-compatibility of the products, assessing their environmental impact and skin interaction through specific skin toxicity tests.

Certifies that products from the certified companies are free from animal-derived substances or ingredients that directly imply killing, confining or exploiting animals.

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